6 places to spend June 1st

6 places to spend June 1st

June 1st is the day when your child's regular schedule is twice over and turns into a continuous fun. Of Children's Day, you can give up the strict rules of the daily program of the child, to allow them to do a little head, because it is a magical day, in which the spirit and innocence of childhood is celebrated.

spend Children's Day in the family, in a completely new way, and participate in some events and places where you can have lots of fun with your boyfriend!


The Zoo is among the first choices of parents when it comes to choosing a special place to take the baby shower. Children's Day. It is a fascinating place for the little one, where he has the opportunity to see and learn all kinds of things about various species of animals and to spend a good part of this day in their company.

Zoological Garden Bucharest: Aleea Vadul Moldovei no. 4, sector 1, Bucharest |
Brasov Zoo: Strada Brazilor 1 |
Sibiu Zoo: Calea Dumbravii 142, Sibiu |
Oradea Zoo: Calea Matei Basarab 1, Oradea |

Amusement parks

Spend the day of June 1 outdoors, in the amusement parks in your town. Rich in events specially organized for the little ones and in all kinds of play devices for them, the parks are the perfect choice to welcome the child on this day, but a good opportunity and that you will remember with nostalgia for the childhood period.

Enjoy the taste of the cotton or apple on the stick, the colorful and delicious ones, but also other goodies with which you will meet on this day the organizers of events dedicated to the little ones and the administrators of the amusement parks in all the cities of the country.

Picnic in the forest

Children's Day It is a pampering day for the little ones, which can be easily taken advantage of by the big ones. Go out for a picnic outdoors, in parks or in the woods, and enjoy special moments in the middle of nature. Besides the fact that the little ones have the opportunity to explore more of nature and to play a lot of nice games on the grass, it is a good opportunity to spend unique moments in the family's bosom and to get closer to each other.

Botanical Garden

If the animals at the Zoo do not do it to your little one with the eye, maybe the unique plants and the special flowers are a more attractive option for him. Go with your child to the Botanical Garden and help him discover the wonders that nature offers in terms of plants and flowers.

Botanical Garden "D. Brandza" from Bucharest: Cotroceni Road no. 32, Bucharest
Botanical Garden "Alexandru Borza" from Cluj: Str. Republicii, no. 42, Cluj-Napoca
Botanical Garden "Anastasie Fatu" from Iasi: Strada Dumbrava Rosie, no. 7-9, Iasi

Botanical Garden "Anastasie Fatu" from Iasi

The animal farm in Bucharest

Unlike the Zoo, the Animal Farm allows children to play with the animals, learn how to care for them and get involved in all kinds of educational and fun activities. In addition, the little ones have the opportunity to indulge in natural goodies and organic products from the restaurant "Capritele pofticioose", specially arranged in the Farm.

Address: Str. Sf. Gheorghe no. 20, Pantelimon, Ilfov County

Mountain trip

If the city in which you live does not offer you the sources of entertainment you want for Children's Day, then escape somewhere in the mountains, where you have the opportunity to breathe fresh air and to walk your child on the most beautiful peaks and peaks of the mountains.

To find out what events will take place in your city on June 1st and beyond, visit our events section: Events for Kids.

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