A new story from the Zurli Gasca - Zboara, Zboara, Vrajimaturica

A new story from the Zurli Gasca - Zboara, Zboara, Vrajimaturica

Gasca Zurli continues the series of premieres and launches for the first time in Romania a book illustrated with drawings to the most beloved Romanian characters for children.

The drawings will illustrate the book Zboara, Zboara, Vrajimaturica and they were made with great talent by Ovidiu Stanciu, a plastic artist known to the public especially for his cartoons

The story is the basis of the script of the show with the same name and was written by Mirela Retegan. The book will be available to the public with the launch at the Palace Hall on May 31.

It will be accompanied by an audiobook, the actors who play the most beloved characters one hundred percent Romanian already recording the story in the studio.

"What would happen if, for a while, no sweetheart would do his job anymore? What would the world be without cleaning? We will find the answer on the stage of the Palace Hall where Gasca Zurli, together with the small spectators, will put up a plan by which they will fool Tura Vura. The show and the book with the story Zboara, Zboara, Vrajimaturica help the little ones to understand better why a clean room is needed, in a clean house, in a world in that all shine, "says Mirela Retegan, the woman who, through Zurli, raised the love for her daughter at the national phenomenon level by building the largest private children's theater in Romania, a phenomenon theater that transformed education into a magical show of imagination.

The unique show Zboara, Zboara, Vrajimaturica will be held at the Palace Hall on May 31 and is a brave production of the largest private children's theater in Romania.

The story Zboara, Zboara, Vrajimaturica is an original story, one hundred percent Romanian, an interactive show in which the characters take children, but also parents, to the Kingdom of the Adults.

Tickets for the super production for children Zboara, Zboara, Vrajimaturica have been put up for sale on and at the hall of the Palace Hall.

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