Otoplasty, the only cosmetic operation that can be performed from childhood

Otoplasty, the only cosmetic operation that can be performed from childhood

Otoplasty, the only cosmetic operation that can be performed from childhood

We all know at least one person who is complex because of the size, the shape of his ears or, in most cases, the fact that they are too far from the head. Flap ears bring many complexes, especially in the case of children who can be humiliated by colleagues because of this. The subject has attracted over time and myths such as the fact that people who have "clapauge" ears have been very often heard in childhood.

However, remarks on the appearance of the ears can negatively affect children. They can become introverted, anti-social and unbelieving in their own person. The most important role in this situation is played by the parents, who must be well informed about the feelings of the child, but also about the measures they can take to ensure the little one's normal life.

"The ears are fully developed around the age of 9 and remain so throughout life, so from this age you can do the correction intervention. The age of the patient does not affect how the operation or recovery will proceed, and what is important to know is the fact that the result of the intervention is definitive, there are no changes over time. It is an operation that is performed with local or general anesthesia as needed and lasts about 1 hour, depending on the complexity, "explains Dr. Cosmetic Surgeon Calin Dobos.

What you need to know about otoplasty

For the ears that are too far from the head, the intervention involves making an incision behind the ear, in the natural fold between the ear and the skin of the head. The surgeon then removes the required amount of cartilage and skin to achieve the desired effect.

In some cases, the cartilage will be reshaped to take on a more pleasing shape, and then fixed by sutures, which reinforce its new position. In other situations, the esthetician can remodel the ears without removing from the cartilage, performing maneuvers that stabilize the permanent cartilage. After carving the cartilage, the skin will be sewn to keep the ear in the desired position until the healing is complete.

An important aspect to consider is that the intervention in no way affects the hearing ability. As for recovery, the pains are minimal and give way very easily to painkillers. The ears will be slightly swollen and eggplant in the first days after the operation, and the wires will be removed after 12 days. For several weeks, it is necessary to wear a bandage that keeps the ears close to the head and helps to heal.

It is recommended two weeks before surgery to give up drugs that can influence blood clotting, but also smoking and alcohol. Another recommendation concerns sun exposure, which is not indicated after the operation for 6 weeks.

Risks and complications

They are minor and easy to solve. Ear blowing or swelling of the auricular flag gives up in a few days. These disadvantages are minor and easy to treat, and very important is that they do not influence the final outcome of the intervention. The scars are located behind the ears, and in time they become practically invisible. The price of an aesthetic surgery for ear correction is 800 euros, and more details about it can be found on

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