Children's Country Festival at the Peasant Club, May 31 - June 2

Children's Country Festival at the Peasant Club, May 31 - June 2

Children's Country Festival at the Peasant Club, May 31 - June 2

Between May 31 and June 2, the Peasant Club and the National Museum of the Romanian Peasant it becomes the country of the Children. For 3 days, the courtyard of the museum and the spaces of the Peasant Club will be dedicated exclusively to children, who are expected at theater shows, creative workshops and a fair for the whole family. Children's Country is the place where the daring of the arts and the skill of the craftsmen meet with the energy of the children, for a healthy exchange of learning and joy.
The event brings together, in one of the most friendly and beloved places in Bucharest, the tradition of the fairgrounds hosted by the Peasant Museum and already the usual children's events organized by the Peasant Club. Guided tours of the museum will be organized among the workshops, shows and skylights.

The program includes two days of children's theater performances, supported by important independent theater groups - from Passe Partout Dan Puric, to the interactive show, The Land of the Fairy Tales - beginnings, the Paiata band puppets, the shadow theater of the Hopa Trop ones, the theater of "living room" proposed by the World of Momo and the puppet theater of the band Omidee.
Creative workshops, organized by craftsmen, plastic artists and actors, are specially prepared to stimulate the imagination and increase the children's communication ability. The little ones will have the opportunity to participate in workshops of theater, painting, modeling, Romanian stories, legends and songs from overseas and countries, dolls, recycling, construction, made toys, kites, crafts and traditional insignia, ceramics, weaving, painting on glass etc.
At the Children's Country Fair visitors will meet the craftsmen who often visit the MTR yard - potters, carvers, weavers, sweet cake makers and other traditional goodies - but also new exhibitors, such as producers of toys and eco clothes, libraries and publishers which will open the appetite for stories and reading to the little ones. An important place in the country of Children is occupied by NGOs active in the field of child protection. The fair also hosts a section of barter, exchange of toys and clothes for children.

Program of activities

Children's theater

The wolf with the red cap - Paiata Theater - June 1, 10.30 am
Bremen Musicians - Momo's World Theater Band - June 1, 12.30pm
The realm of fairy tales - beginnings - A.P.I.R. - June 1, 6pm
The Witch's Castle - Omidee Theater Group - June 2, 10.30
Good night - Hopa Trop Theater Company - June 2, 12.30
Butterflies and People - Passe Partout Dan Puric Theater Company - June 2, 7pm

Creativity workshops

Kites from Children's Country - May 31, 3pm
At the dryers with whistles and stories - May 31, at 5.30 pm
Social Relation Program - Blidaru Fortress - June 1 and 2, 11am
Stories and songs from overseas and countries - June 1 and 2, 12:00
MNtR theater and tour workshop - June 1 and 2, 2pm
MNtR clay and tour modeling workshop - June 1, 2 pm, June 2, 4 pm
Musical Odyssey workshop show - June 1, 3 pm, June 2, 6 pm
Painting and touring workshop MNtR - June 1, 4 pm, June 2, 2 pm
The human body and the senses, June 1, 4:30 pm
Alphabet of traditional motifs - June 2, 2 pm
Puppet theater creation workshop - June 2, 4 pm

Fair, traditional crafts and games as before

All day, good day!
Craft demonstration workshops, Play with the actors with Gianina Corondan, Global Sharing Day for Kids (TROC - exchange of toys and clothes for children), children's country model, wooden objects, ceramics, fabrics, books, toys, musical instruments, ornaments , painted furniture, icons, clothes and food for children, sweet cake and other traditional goodies
The complete program of activities within the Children's Country festival will be announced on the festival's Facebook page.
Children's Country Festival (May 31 - June 2) is a pilot edition of the International Children's Country Festival, which will take place from September 6 to September 2013. In the fall, the organizers want to bring some of the most beautiful children's theater shows. from the country, as well as from abroad.

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