Are you expecting a baby? 4 important criteria for choosing the perfect stroller for the new family member

Are you expecting a baby? 4 important criteria for choosing the perfect stroller for the new family member

Choosing the right stroller for your new family income is not easy at all. We have to consider several factors, from the safety and comfort of the baby, to its quality and durability. Baby Merc products it is the perfect option for babies because they are made according to the needs of children and parents to the same extent.

The little ones have to know the world and it is really advisable to go out with them often during walks in the park and wherever we have problems to solve. Therefore, the stroller is absolutely indispensable when the baby comes into the world.

Here are 4 criteria you should keep in mind when choosing a baby stroller:


This is extremely important, and it can be determined by the clamping systems, the bumper, a harness with seat belts and a stable frame. Brakes are very important when choosing a stroller, and some good quality ones will protect your baby better.

Quality materials

These details are very important when choosing the baby stroller. Using the materials to ensure optimum temperature and be waterproof Baby Merc strollers are designed to maintain optimum baby temperature on cold winter days.

Baby comfort

His comfort is in fact the comfort of the whole family because often his state of mind dictates the duration of our trips outside the house. While we are walking or during family excursions, if the little one does not feel well, surely the whole day will be compromised, so when choosing a stroller, it is good to consider this factor as well.


A criterion that you should keep in mind if you want to keep the same stroller for a long time and not have to buy a new one after the first year. The Baby Merc stroller is a long-haul one, which will be with you and your family in the baby's first years of life.

Opting for any model Baby Merc 3 in 1 stroller, with floor, sport part and shell, you will have all the necessary accessories for transporting the baby safely anywhere, and the folding frame will be very useful for long trips by car.

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