The need to reach children born prematurely

The need to reach children born prematurely

The need to reach out to children born prematurely is vital, despite the precautions and fears of many to get their hands on them, for fear that they will not hurt or cause complications. According to specialists, premature babies need to be touched and cared for by parents just like other babies. The touches are the ones that increase their comfort, reassure them and provide them with the feeling of protection and confidence they need in the fight for survival!

The premature, often deprived of touch and handles

The tactile sense develops first in the child, from the mother's womb, at the gestational age of no 8 weeks. From the embryo stage, the fetus is able to trigger tactile stimulation in the uterus.

The mother's movements cause the baby to swing and expose it to various tactile stimuli. Babies born prematurely are subject to many precautionary measures, their incubation or isolation being one of them. This measure prevents others from reaching it, in order not to risk its disease.

Premature people have rather poor health and are sensitive to environmental factors or free radicals in the air. The risk of getting sick or infected is slightly higher than in a normal baby. Doctors resort to special and quite drastic measures of protection, to minimize the risk of infections and complications in premature. Therefore, they do not reach the child except for the strictly necessary, the administration of treatments and medical consultations.

Touching premature babies, essential for their health and development

Despite the poor health and increased sensitivity, caused by the insufficient development of the baby's organs, the premature needs touching and handling, especially those of the parents. An American study, conducted at a University of Miami, analyzed the importance of touch in the development and health of babies. Researchers have shown that touch is essential to speeding up the process of healing the premature.

In the study, the researchers conducted an experiment. They performed daily massages of 15 minutes for babies born prematurely for 10 days. The touch of the warm hands of the doctors completely covered the body of the premature, from head to toe. Also included were some light exercises with their hands and feet.

Low weight is one of the main problems of children's health. However, the researchers found that, although the prematurely who were massaged received the same number of calories as those who did not receive such treatment, their weight increased by 50% daily.

Touching is the first channel of communication with the baby. According to the doctors, touch is essential in the growth and development of premature. Touching parents, especially the mother, gives them a strong sense of security and protection. It is a natural pain reliever that the premature child faces daily and fully strengthens the emotional connection between him and his parents.

The emotional relationship strengthened by reaching the parents is the foundation of the future emotional and intellectual development of the child.

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