Salt lamp - benefits and recommendations for use for children and the whole family

Salt lamp - benefits and recommendations for use for children and the whole family

You have certainly heard about electronic pollution and the negative effects of electronic devices on the human body. What you may not have known is that there is a simple way to counteract their harmful effects: place in each room a salt lamp! This decoration object is also a device for air purification, thanks to the negative ions it emits.

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Find out what benefits it brings salt lamp the health of the whole family, how it works and how to choose such an object so that you and your loved ones can fully enjoy its influence!

What are the negative ions?

The negative ions are found in nature, on the seafront, in areas crossed by flowing water or near waterfalls. Scientific research has shown that negative ions stimulate oxygen flow to the brain, improving mental activity and energy levels. At the same time, the negative ions attract the positive ions generated by the electronic devices, they balance and neutralize them. Positive ions, also known as "electronic smog" or "electronic air pollution", are dangerous to health, as they can cause insomnia, irritation and allergies.

How do salt lamps work based on negative ion emission?

The salt has multiple uses, both in the kitchen and in treating different conditions, it can be used both internally and externally in the form of baths, washes or poultice. Hot compresses with natural, unprocessed salt have been used for centuries to treat pain caused by inflamed tonsils. Salt lamp is not a recent invention either.

Made from a pure Himalayan salt crystal - considered one of the most unpolluted forms of salt, the salt lamp is one of the best sources of negative ions for the home. The Himalayan salt contains over 84 minerals and elements, with almost miraculous health benefits.

The principle of operation of the lamp is simple: the Himalayan salt crystal is mounted on a wooden support, inside it can be introduced both a candle and a small power bulb (12-15 watts). As the crystal heats up, it begins to release negative ions into the air. They eliminate the positive ions emitted by the appliances and electronics or from pollution, dust, animal hair or pollen. The well-being it induces in the body is similar to the one you feel when you make aerosols on the seashore, walk in nature after the rain or stand near a waterfall.

Benefits of Himalayan salt lamp

Himalayan salt lamp is recommended for both children and adults, improving conditions such as respiratory problems, allergies, rheumatism, insomnia, fatigue, depression, stress or migraines. Located in the bedroom, the Himalayan salt crystal lamp will induce a restful, restful sleep and cleanse your airways, helping to efficiently oxygenate your brain.

A salt lamp placed on the desk on which the child writes homework will help him concentrate, neutralizing the impact of artificial light, air conditioning or radiation emitted by the computer monitor or laptop. The Himalayan salt crystal lamp also neutralizes cigarette smoke, improving breathing. Therefore, its location in the rooms in which it is smoked will greatly improve the air quality.

The Himalayan salt lamp has the following benefits:

- Ionize the room;

- Balances the artificial electromagnetic frequencies and waves generated by TVs, computers, mobile phones and other electronic devices;

- Produces light waves from the rainbow spectrum, which protects the human body.

What health problems can you fight with a salt lamp?

- skin disorders;

- headaches and migraines;

- insomnia;

- allergies;

- sinus problems;

- arthritis;

- rheumatism;

- respiratory problems;

- asthma;

- colds;

- problems of blood circulation.

How to choose the Himalayan salt crystal lamp?

The secret of the salt lamp lies in the material from which it is made: salt. The larger the salt crystal, the better the lamp. The color of the lamp is also relevant. If the salt crystal has an intense, red color, this indicates a higher mineral content.

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