Quickly lose your pregnant tummy!

Quickly lose your pregnant tummy!

Will the tummy left after your birth cause problems? Follow the exercises below and you can have a flat abdomen again.
Do celebrities astonish you how quickly they return to their initial forms after giving birth? Of course, they enjoy the help of a strict diet but also a personal trainer who supervises their every move, but you too can lose the belly gained during pregnancy very quickly and easily.
It should be noted, however, that both the abdominal muscles and the uterus have altered their size considerably. The muscles lengthened by about 60 cm and the uterus grew from the size of a plum to the size of a watermelon. So the process of returning to the previous forms is one that gradually occurs as the muscles regain their elasticity.
By practicing the right exercises the muscles will start to react very quickly.
Yes, you can!
You can start with the basic exercises but this only after you have gone through the control to be practiced six weeks after birth. If you were born with caesarean section, then you should wait for the doctor to agree and then only start the exercises. The beginning is always the hardest, especially at this time, when you feel fat, weak and tired after birth.
The good news is that you only have to do these exercises once or twice a day to see the results.
However, the results will not be seen immediately! You must always bear in mind that it has been nine months to reach those sizes, so it may be necessary for the nine months to return to your pre-pregnancy sizes. Don't worry about diet - fat tissue will melt if you exercise and eat properly.

A very easy exercise that can be done before the first six weeks have passed are abdominal contractions. It is a very simple movement that strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps to adopt a correct posture. They can be done anywhere and anytime, so get to work! Stand up and tighten your muscles.
Hold for 5 seconds, without holding your breath, and the rest of the body must be relaxed. Repeat four times. Increase the time you have tense muscles to 10 seconds.
By practicing these exercises daily you will strengthen your abdominal muscles and get used to an exercise routine that will get them into shape. By practicing them regularly you will see that the effects will become permanent.
And the next exercise involves muscles that help maintain posture. If you have a correct posture you will look weaker. By doing this exercise you will remove the tension from the spine, because it will put your abdominal muscles to work. Lie down and bend your legs, bending your knees slightly; then bend the torso in front by pushing the pelvis to the floor.
Hold for 10 seconds; you will soon realize that your muscles get used to this position very quickly and you will be able to increase the interval by a second or two every day. This exercise will help you maintain a correct posture that does not require much backbone.

After six weeks

Tighten your muscles and exhale as you lift your head, shoulders and ribs off the floor. Lift as much as you can, keeping the lower back area on the floor. Get down and inhale!
The next yoga exercise will strengthen the trunk muscles and also help maintain posture. It is a demanding exercise that requires patience and skill.
Lie face down on the floor. Stand on your forearms and look down. Tighten the abdomen and relax the buttocks muscles.
Lift the trunk and the bottom of the floor and hold. Pull the neck and spine so that you are in a straight line from shoulder level to knee level. You must not move, but only breathe. Try to hold 10 seconds.
Practice them daily
Try to practice these exercises daily. Before you begin, take a few minutes for a short warm-up. Exercises are much more effective if you warm up before and "cool down" afterwards.
Warming up
Before doing the exercises, spend a few minutes:
  • Climbing and descending the stairs;
  • Doing genuflections;
  • Playing ankles
  • After each exercise session, lie on the floor, pull your knees to the chest and hold;
  • Stretch your arms and legs and pull so you feel your muscles stretch.
    In order for the abdominal muscles line to be visible you must have sufficiently trained muscles and a low fat layer, while in order to flatten your abdomen you must work your transverse muscles.
    The abdominal classics
    Do not rush to practice these exercises until you have understood very well how to practice.
    Lie on the floor with your knees bent, your feet glued to the floor and your legs wide open. Keep your shoulders relaxed and glued to the floor. Hold your head with your hands. Breathe!