The benefits of pregnancy and motherhood on health

The benefits of pregnancy and motherhood on health

Pregnancy is a unique and extraordinary experience in the life of any woman. Beyond the emotional fulfillment and satisfaction of becoming a parent, the experience of motherhood brings a lot of health benefits. Increased libido, decreased unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, decreased risk of breast cancer and a healthier lifestyle are just some of the benefits of pregnancy on the body!

Reduction of unpleasant symptoms of premenstrual syndrome

Before you got pregnant, did you have problems with your menstrual cycle, and was the period of menstruation a chore for you because of the painful cramps and the moods? Pregnancy gets you rid of all these discomforts caused by premenstrual syndrome. Cramps decrease in intensity due to decreased production of prostaglandin hormone, responsible for menstrual pain.

Healthy and nutritious diet

Pregnancy gives you the opportunity to completely change your eating style and develop healthy eating habits that can be sustained over the long term, even after birth.

From the moment you find out that you are pregnant, you need to be very careful about everything you eat. Every food consumed has repercussions both on your figure and on the development of the fetus in the tummy.

If you breastfeed the baby after birth, your diet must still adhere to strict rules. It is important to consume healthy foods rich in essential nutrients to provide quality milk to the baby.

Giving up the vices

Pregnancy leads to quitting smoking, alcohol consumption or irresponsible administration of drugs. You are more careful with everything you put into the body.

If alcohol is to be removed from your fats as soon as you hear the news that you are expecting a baby, pregnancy may prove to be the most effective and quickest way to quit smoking. Due to the fear of extremely serious side effects in the fetus, many pregnant women give up cigarettes quickly during pregnancy. Most of them do not recover from this defect even after birth.

Not even poisoning the body with all sorts of irresponsible drugs will be a problem. Pregnancy imposes a lot of restrictions on the administration of medicines, which you are obliged to take into account, and your body only benefits.

Decreased risk of breast cancer

One of the most important benefits of pregnancy on the body is that it reduces the risk of breast cancer. Specialists have shown that if you are over 30 when you are pregnant and breastfeeding for more than 3 months, your chances of having breast cancer in the future decrease substantially.

It seems that the benefits also focus on preventing other types of cancer, such as ovarian, endometrial and even lung cancer. Doctors say that after pregnancy, the body is stronger in pregnancy. In addition, it has a higher capacity to recover after an illness or convalescent period.

Increased libido

Being pregnant and the mother is an experience that contributes to the improvement of the sexual life of the couple. It seems that pregnancy hormones that are responsible for the appearance of some of the most unpleasant symptoms of this period - bloating, gastric burns, skin irritation, hairiness - would have a somewhat more satisfying effect.

Testosterone and estrogen contribute to the increase in sexual pleasure. It is possible that in the second trimester of pregnancy you will experience the most interesting sex parties until then. This is because hormonal storms stimulate blood flow in the pelvic area and increase pleasure during contact

Good condition

Pregnancy puts its mark on your emotional state as well. Beyond the symptoms unpleasant of pregnancy, the hormones that invade your body during this period give you a unique emotional state. You experience feelings of euphoria, fulfillment and satisfaction that no other event in your life offers you. Even if after birth you have tiredness, stress and many sleepless nights, motherhood is one of the experiences that make you happy and fulfill you as a woman.

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