Fashion and makeup tips for fresh moms

Fashion and makeup tips for fresh moms

Even though the beauty comes from most of the interior, sometimes the outside can influence and attract the inner beauty. It's time to return to the podium of beauty and fashion and enjoy the trends of this season, as well as the tricks that will make you look spectacular in a fresh mom position.

New moms often have a tendency to neglect the background of fatigue and stress arising from the appearance of the baby. But before you are a mom you are a woman and you have to respect yourself. And if you are behind on the news, it's time to go back to the fashion and beauty itinerary!

The best clothing options for moms

Unlike other women, new moms should follow some strict rules when choosing clothes:

  • to be comfortable (you have a lot to run with the baby and many things to do at the same time) - don't be surprised;

  • to facilitate breastfeeding;

  • be made of natural materials.

Pregnant clothes

They will be your first choice immediately after birth and do not do anything wrong, because your shapes are still generous, and the baby-doll style is still in the trend for women. If you put on a very wide dress a belt under the breast, you will turn it into the most fashionable summer outfit.

Since it is still hot season, loose dresses, skirts and t-shirts or comfortable t-shirts will be your first choice. Trousers will be the fall option!

Don't adopt the famous "mother clothes"!

After the period of pregnancy clothes is over, you will tend to dress seriously, gloomy, monotonous, without prints, that is in the famous clothes for "serious" women.

Get out of print and do not like the idea "now I am a mother, I have to dress seriously". Mother status does not mean seriousness and dark shades of clothes. Play with your prints and colors without fear!


Scarves, jewelry, sunglasses, belts, purses or brushes can be your secret in hiding prominent forms after birth. If you will accessorize your outfit, no one will notice that you have a few extra centimeters in the waist, but they will admire your gorgeous gables.

Back on the heels

Even if you find it difficult now, after you have given up on them during pregnancy, it is time to start wearing them again. Nothing makes a woman sexier and more beautiful than a pair of heeled shoes. Do not wear the first high heels 12 or 15 cm, take it gradually, first choosing heels of 2, 3, 4 - 7 cm until you get used to it.

Makeup completes the outfit!

You do not want the wrinkles that have arisen after dozens of sleepless nights, fatigue and stress to be reflected on your face. Even if you do not have much time to worry about makeup with a small baby around, it can save you from many situations and may suggest that you are a strong mother, master of yourself.

If someone asks you how long you are willing to spend on makeup when you have a newborn in care, you would most likely say 2-3 minutes, right? Find out that you can!

Here are some quick and essential steps for a light makeup:

  • make sure you have the complete portfolio next to you, so you don't waste time looking for mascara or lipstick;

  • face cream with protective factor, makeup base and foundation are mandatory, even without using the shades; you should not leave the house without a well-hydrated and protected face;

  • if the wrinkles are deep and you notice an accentuation of the black spots under the eyes that do not fade only with a deep skin, then use an anti-raincoat to cover them;

  • choose warm colors for the eyeshadow: pale pink, peach, gold, beige for a nice look, without being strident;

  • uses a mascara that promotes the elongation and thickening of the eyelashes;

  • give yourself a rosy blush on the cheek to create a fresh sensation;

  • choose gloss instead of lipstick (it is more practical) and opt for warm colors: either opaque or pink, lilac or peach.

If you fail to do all these steps and you feel that time is pressing you, you must know that you can only apply cream, foundation and gloss and you are ready to go out the door. Eye makeup is not mandatory during the day, but lips and face yes!

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