Organic toys at friendly prices

Organic toys at friendly prices

Why Keptin Jr. toys for babies and toddlers?

Keptin Jr. eco dolls are made from soft and natural materials. The design is simple, thus designed to stimulate the imagination of the little ones. The colors are adapted to the latest trends.

For parents it is well known that the dolls were produced responsibly and environmentally. The basis for organic toys Keptin Jr. are natural materials: cotton and pure wool. The advantage of natural materials is that they quickly absorb the odor of the mother and baby and take their temperature.

The production of Keptin Jr environmentally friendly soft toys is done in a friendly way to the environment. Most dolls retain the natural color of the materials used.

The others are bleached, but without the use of chlorine or are painted with dyes that do not contain heavy metals. The company has been working with the same factory for a long time ensuring good conditions for employees. Of course, it is not acceptable for children to work.

The design of ecological toys Keptin Jr. is based on the developmental stages of the child. Children's creativity and imagination are stimulated by the simple design of toys. The company prides itself on the fact that some of the models for eco dolls are originally made by children.

Any child will bear his doll - it is normal. And of course, this aspect was taken into account when the organic toys were created. For this purpose, resistant materials, very strong stitches were used and no small pieces of material were used.

All Keptin Jr. environmentally friendly toys meet the requirements of legal testing and carry the CE quality guarantee. Moreover, they are subsequently tested by a group of children in a nursery.
For every baby, toddler or preschooler

Because they are made from sheep's wool, soft toys are warm and appear to be alive. The stuffing of the wool of the toy absorbs the smell of the children, which is why they are in love and become their friends.
For premature babies

The soft organic toys from Keptin Jr. are a relief for premature babies and help them relax. How? The parents of the premature child should wear the doll directly on the skin for a day. Then the toy is left in the incubator with the child, recognizing the familiar smell of his parents.

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