The Branca Bear has helped us

The Branca Bear has helped us

Mommy mada_lyna

Bebe came after treatment with the bear's bran

I don't know if our story is more beautiful than others, but it's worth the story. My husband and I have been together since 1999 and we were married in 2000. By 2009, it was only us and ourselves, without responsibilities. Many times, when we were asked why we do not have children, we answered that we are well and that it did not happen to get pregnant. But, at the beginning of 2009, things have changed a bit. I started to wish for a baby smile in my life. The husband let himself go, he was not against the idea, but he was not too excited.

We started doing analysis

If for so many years we have never been pregnant, without protecting ourselves at all, now we started to ask ourselves some question marks and I went to the doctor in order to find out what was wrong. After some checks and analysis, it was established that I was ok. So my husband stays in the viewfinder. Thus, he made some analyzes that showed that his swimmers are few, lazy and they also have disabilities (lack of codes).
We went to a urologist, but that doctor gave us something to think about. He said to my husband, "You do not, sir, what is your age (33 years). Only some hormones would help you, but little." The disappointment was terrible. I was seeing a slut who, at about 60 years old, longed for a kiss from a little girl in the block, his nephew x-ulescu.

Herbal remedies and herbs

I got back in a few days and started searching the internet for information, in principle babysitting, herbs etc. That's how I discovered the Bear Branch. I presented her beauty to her husband, specifying that it tastes bad, but it is worth the effort. The next day, I had him swallow the bear's bran. Besides, I ran away to the pharmacy, took ovulation tests to know exactly when ovulation was occurring, and got to work when needed. I know, it's not the most romantic way to conceive a baby, but the saying: "Purpose excuses the means."
And here, after 2 months of treatment with the bear's branch and sustained efforts on our part (you understand how), I arrived on the day when my menstruation had to come (I mention it was like clockwork). I waited 3 days and took a Barza test. 2 lines went out. I still have the test. And I have something else. Something invaluable, for which I live and breathe daily: my little 1 year, 3 months and 20 days.

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