Teach the child to cross the street safely

Teach the child to cross the street safely

Every year, children are involved in road accidents caused by irregular crossings. Children are hit by cars when crossing the street, playing in inappropriate spaces or riding a bicycle.

It is thus very important for parents to teach the little ones the main rules of movement.
Crossing the street is one of the most frightening experiences of a child's life.

Prior to this stage, however, parents must ensure that they have provided the children with the information they need for this action to take place safely.

When you teach the little one the rules of movement, it is very important to exemplify them personally. At an early age, little ones learn the fastest of what they see in the environment. Children learn much faster from how their parents act, than from what they are told to do. It is thus very important to give him a positive example, to follow.

Before learning the little one with traffic rules it is important to take long walks with him and tell them about road safety. In this way, the child will become familiar with the sounds of the street.

Here are some tips that will help you explain to the little one how to cross the street safely:

1. Teach the little one the rules of circulation as early as possible

It is advisable to tell them from the age of 2-3 years, the traffic rules, for the little one to understand them. To begin with, tell him you should never go out alone.

Keep it handy every time you go out for a walk. You can also tell them to look on both sides of the street before crossing and always walk on the sidewalk. It is very important that these rules are found in your behavior as well.

2. Encourage the little one to look on both sides of the street before crossing

Teach the little one to look first on the left side of the street, then on the right side. Help them decide when it's okay to cross the street. When you feel it is ready, show them how to cross a quiet, unsafe street.

Sit down with the little one at an intersection and then look together on the two sides of the street. Then send him to cross himself. Then you cross, following the same traffic rules.

3. Teach the little one the meaning of the traffic light colors

Gradually, familiarize the little one with the meaning of the traffic light colors. Explain to him that in the "red" color he must sit in place and in the "green" he must cross. To better understand them you can explain them in the form of short stories that say the colors of the traffic light.

It is very important to teach the little one and the rules for crossing the streets that are unsaphorized. You must explain to them that it is important to ensure that the streets are also lighted.

After the child learns these rules, you need to keep an eye on him as much as possible. Even if you learned the rules, you should not let them cross the street by themselves.

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