Baby safety tips in the kitchen

Baby safety tips in the kitchen

The kitchen, the most dangerous room for a baby starting to walk, is often the most attractive for your little one. Find out how to make sure your baby is safe in the kitchen. Demonstrate to your baby your love and care by giving up a little detail regarding personal comfort to guarantee safety in every room of the house, but especially in the kitchen.

The most important step for your little one is to install a protective fence at the kitchen door so that the baby does not come in alone and unattended. Follow him carefully at the first visits to the kitchen to identify the areas that attract him the most. Check everything that can be achieved by your little one.

Find out what are the most important tricks to give your baby an environment where he is completely safe from danger.

Stove and oven

- gives up the use of the front stitches of the stove and cooks only the rear ones, to which the baby cannot reach;

- pay attention to the handles of the dishes you put on the plow: they must always be oriented towards the wall;

- installs a safety element at the oven door so that the little one cannot hit if he tries to open it;

- check the temperature of the oven door and its handle when it is started at the maximum level; if necessary, cover the handle and even the entire door with a thermal insulation material, so that your little one will never burn;

- if you want to cook while the baby is walking in the kitchen, always use special gloves and remove it from the area where you work with hot liquids and pots.

Table and chairs

- giving up the table; your baby can pull it easily and be hit by the objects on the table;

- The safety of your little one is more important than the decoration. give up bar stools with one leg, which can be easily overturned. the most dangerous are those that have a special support for the legs.

Cabinets and drawers

- to eliminate contact with kitchen tools or hazardous substances, install special locks on all cabinets and drawers that the child can reach;

- give up the uncovered trash bin or with a movable lid and find a place in a well-locked cabinet, such as the one under the sink;

Electrical equipment

- Secures all the sockets at a level that the baby can reach;

- tighten the electrical cables in the kitchen and secure them with special plastic devices, which cannot be opened by babies. do not use the cord to tighten the cables! your little one can undo it and swallow;

- give up the refrigerator magnets, which can hurt the child when they fall; the most dangerous are the small ones, which can be swallowed;

A safe kitchen for your baby

Even if you were not an ace to the clean before the birth of your little one, the kitchen should be perfectly clean once the baby starts to walk through the bush.

Never leave plastic bags, knives or matches in places where the baby can reach them.

If the floor is made of glossy sandstone, which can be easily slipped, the carpet would be an additional safety factor, especially in areas that are frequently wet.

It covers all the sharp corners with special plastic devices and does not leave heavy equipment on the edge of the countertop.

For the complete safety of you and your baby, the kitchen must be equipped with a functional fire extinguisher!

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