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Extend your life up to 3 years with only 15 minutes of movement per day

Extend your life up to 3 years with only 15 minutes of movement per day

Physical exercises keep us fit and have beneficial effects on health. A Taiwanese research team managed to calculate exactly how much 15 minutes of exercise a day helps you.
The research was based on data gathered by the Taiwan National Institute of Health Research from over 400,000 patients in the period 1996-2008 and demonstrated the beneficial effect of movement on overall health and cancer prevention.

Physical exercises, intensity and effects

Taiwanese specialists noticed a clear difference between those with a completely sedentary lifestyle and those who were less active, doing about 15 minutes of exercise a day. The second group has a life expectancy of up to three years, the researchers say. Premature mortality decreased by 14% for those who made at least 15 minutes of movement per day.

The beneficial health effects increase with the duration of physical exercises, but only up to 100 minutes a day, after which they remain stable.

The researchers also showed that two hours of intense physical activity per week have the same effects as four hours of moderate physical activity. Even if it does not matter the times chosen for intense exercise, doctors do not recommend that they be done only on weekends.

Daily movement has anticancer effect

After analyzing the complete medical records of the more than 400,000 patients, the specialists in Taiwan concluded that the risk of cancer decreases by 11% for those who do little movement per day, compared to those completely sedentary. For each additional 15 minutes of exercise, the risk decreases by another 1%.

Based on these data, the researchers claim that a daily fitness routine has the same effects on the body as quitting smoking.

Enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle that will help you live longer, and include at least 15 minutes of exercise in your daily schedule.

Author: Teodora Gheorghe

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