Creative writing workshop with Adina Rosetti (10-16 years)

Creative writing workshop with Adina Rosetti (10-16 years)

The Motanov Academy organizes in Bucharest the second edition of the creative writing workshop for children, from October 12 to November 16, 2014.

Coordinator is the writer and journalist Adina Rosetti, author of the novel "Deadline", received with enthusiasm by critics and readers, and the children's book "Miss Poimaine and plays of the Time", both published by Curtea Veche publishing house.

About how the creative writing workshop helps children develop, Adina writes: "I believe very much in the power of stories and words, I think that imagination does not just mean dreaming with open eyes, it saves us from many situations, if we know how to use it, I think that we live in an era when it is written frantically (especially on the net) and we can not handle it much if we do not know how to properly design and write a text and I think that children need some alternatives to tablet, computer games. , smartphone, etc. "

The workshop will explore the forms of writing (blog article, interview, reportage, poem, fiction), which children will learn through imagination and play. In the second part, we will talk about how a story is constructed - narrative, characters, dialogue and so on. The course not only follows the fluent and original writing, but also the devouring reading. For this reason, children will have three travel books, which they will discuss at meetings, thus exercising their discursive skills.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will receive a printed copy of a booklet that will include the best texts, his and his colleagues. Curious people can read the first collection of stories, in pdf format, here.

The creative writing course comprises 10 sessions, takes place on the weekend and receives at most 15 children, in the order of registration. The fee is 520 lei, includes books and is paid in two installments. For details, go to the workshop page.

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