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Almond cake

Almond cake


For the countertop

6 eggs

100 g old

100 g ground almonds

2 tablespoons breadcrumbs


For cream

100 g old

1 yellow

100 ml of strong coffee

200 g butter or margarine

For ornate

50 g slices of fried almonds

Method of preparation

The whites beat the foam, incorporating the yellows one at a time, then add the sugar, ground almonds, cocoa and breadcrumbs. Pour into a medium-sized pan, greased and sprinkled with flour.

Bake at first over high heat, then over medium heat. It is tested with the brush if it has been baked.

Remove from the tray and leave to cool.

For cream, beat the sugar with the yolk and then thin it with the concentrated coffee. This mixture is thickened by boiling in a steam bath. Canb is ready to take from the heat and incorporate butter or margarine, rubbed foam.

The top is cut into two slices, between which a large part of the cream is placed, and with the rest the cake is covered. Top the fried almonds and cut into slices.

Keep at least one day in the refrigerator before serving.

Recipe recommended and cooked by Macrina.

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